Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I know you don't believe, and that's okay. It isn't my job to judge you, or to condemn you, or to make you feel small. But I have to tell you that whatever the world has sold you about the word or who God is, it is all painfully wrong.

I am a strong believer and a student of science.
I love it so much that I plan to make a life's living as a nurse where I can apply it daily.

 But recently science has tried to take the parables and the stories that the Bible offers to bring wisdom, and it has tried to twist and distort them. It has tried to prove to me that God is not real because man does not have one less rib than woman. But here is what science is missing. The story of the creation of man and woman, or Adam and Eve, was about Adam and Eve. It was God taking the rib of a man and showing the symbolic relationship between  men and women. She wasn't made from his metatarsals, nor was she made from his skull. She was made to work side by side with him. To believe in him. To encourage him. To respect everything and all that he is and will become.

You can not use that story to prove to me that he doesn't exist.
In fact. The more I have studied science and the human body the more I believe in a higher power.

The earth is 75 percent water. But so is the human body. Bone cells that provide structure and a framework for the body are similar to the rings of tree trunks. If you take a close up look at a human's iris, the colors and the twists and turns can be compared to nebulas and galaxies.

There are way too many connections between us and other animals, plants, and earthly features to prove to me that there isn't something bigger out there.

But don't take my word for it.
Find out who He is yourself.
Read the stories.
Read the parables.
Apply the concept of love to your life.

Don't let the media and the memes on facebook dictate what you believe.

Find out for yourself.

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