Loving on Purpose.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Loving on Purpose.

"He showed up in the midst of our brokenness with compassion and healing shocking everyone by how fearless He was about keeping His love on with sinners. Jesus didn't create distance with broken people; He created connection."

"If your "love" isn't producing things like safety, peace, and trust in your relationships it probably shouldn't be called love."

"I will not make assumptions about what is going on inside you."

"The way you communicate value for a relationship is in the way you protect the connection."

"Can I propose something? The real sign that you are in a relationship with Jesus is that you love people. Period." 

"We've come to think that vulnerability is where we get judged and rejected instead of loved and accepted, so there is a war to keep us from being vulnerable. Acceptance is huge."


"You are a completely different person than I am. But you get to be you and I get to be me in this relationship."

Love on Purpose. 

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