Finding the Courage to Burn my Ships.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently I have been spending the last two weeks in Cheyenne, Wyoming visiting my Momma and my sister as they embark on their new adventure. My Momma moved over a thousand miles for a job. She packed what she could and drove away in a motor home to follow her operating room managerial dreams. She didn't need a plan, she just jumped in feet first and waved goodbye to her Bend, Oregon home.

That's brave. 

Which I can now say that kind of bravery, has inspired my own kind of bravery. You see, I visited the Cheyenne VA Hospital about a week ago. 

And it was there I saw veterans. 
Men who had risked so much for you and me, needing help. 

Desperately needing help. 

So I felt this God given calling. 
To find a way to use the nursing skills that I will develop in the next three years to serve these men who served me. 


I also learned that after taking a road trip to Hill City, South Dakota that I want to also work on a reservation sometime in my life. But not just any reservation. 

I want to work at Pine Ridge. 

The third poorest county in the United States. 

(The first and second are also reservations in South Dakota.) 

These are big goals that require a lot of faith and trust in God to lead me. 

"But I trust him and I'm burning my ships like the Spaniards who sailed to Mexico in 1519, who when they landed and in the midst of their hardships wished that they could go back. But instead they chose to burn their ships and stay there forever. And figure out what that life would hold."

(And a big thanks to Annie F. Downs for showing me that I too could be brave and burn my ships)

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