First Year Nursing School. Part I.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

As someone who has worked in care giving situations sporadically throughout my life, I know that God has placed me where I am supposed to be.

My first few months in nursing school have been an electric whirl wind full of a lot of up's and a few downs. I have learned to administer influenza vaccines, screen children and teenagers for vision impairments, assess children with asthma, and communicate effectively with older adults.

I can also check your vitals and assess your skin, heart, lungs, ADL's, cognition, and more.

Next is medication administration. 

Wish me luck.
(finger's crossed.)

But the skill side is not why I am in love with nursing. Of course it's fun to be able to give a TB or be able to listen to heart and lung sounds. (Not to mention vastly important.)

 But it's not why I'm in love with nursing.

No, no, no. 
Moments with real, raw, and vulnerable people make me excited to be a nurse. 

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