Ode to Alcholism

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The person you see in that bed
Is not the person he's been created to be.
But you judge and you wait 
You wait til it's legally safe to set him free.
You don't know what to do 
So you send him home with me.
But that angry person in the hospital bed 
Is still that angry person with me.
I want to scream
Where's the education, can anybody help? 
But no, you wait.
You wait til he rolls in again
Black and blue from his mistakes. 
Then you punish him
For an illness hard to control. 
You tack the fees on and the jail time 
Digging our family into a hole. 
Assault charges, DUI's
Who goes to jail for missing a light while having an MI?
Alcoholism is an illness that not only effects him 
But you and I.
But until we start viewing it that way, we'll continue to lose lives. 
So before you send him home, 
Think about what you could do 
To end the cycle and stop the abuse. 
Maybe then and only then you'll understand what it's like 
To be on the other side
Of that 0.05. 

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