2015. Looking back.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This year was probably one of the most difficult yet rewarding years of my young adult life. 

At the beginning of this year I was living in Klamath Falls just starting winter term of my first year of nursing school. 
I was voted in as our chapters Student Nurses Association President. 
I attended the National Student Nurse Association Conference in Portland. 
I learned how to roll sushi and egg rolls, grow wheat grass, juice vegetables, and make shrub with my best friend. 
I participated in OIT's astronomy club and learned more about the stars, moon, and planets than I'd ever learned before. 
I looked through a celestron telescope. 
I attended Kava ceremonies, Hawaiian luaus, International dinners, and Jewish weddings. 
I moved from Klamath Falls to Medford to be closer to my love during his externship. 
I found an apartment at a complex where there was a no vacancy sign hanging on the door. 
I found a job that works with my school schedule. 
By the grace and provision of God I paid off debts that had gone to collections and have managed to make enough money to pay all of my bills on time each month. 
I performed and sang at various events and even was brave enough to sing my own songs at the Southern Oregon Songwriters Association open mic twice. 
I saw two concerts at Britt. 
I saw Count of Monte Cristo at the Shakespeare festival and took a  jet boat ride down the rogue river. 
Ate the best sushi of my life. 
Explored Portland twice with my love. 
Survived the hardest term of my nursing school career. 
I found out how loved I am and how grateful I am that God brought in such lovely people into my life. 

I learned how to trust and not worry (as much). 

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